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"Packing quite a punch with one amazing song following another, Soda Club’s Anthem Alert lovingly combines a vast array of talent both past and present. Generous colorfully-rendered enhancements abound among the original melodies of dance classics while uniformly elevating them to a higher and truly contemporary level. Vocal duties are shared deftly among Charlotte Day, Hannah Alethea, Andrea Anatola as well as a welcome return the dancefloor-cherished Gina G. Clubgoers will be familiar with many of the tracks here that scored highly on happier floors, such as the full-length Almighty remix of “Keep Love Together,” the trancey, uplifting take on “Take My Breath Away” and a more atmospheric “Heaven is a Place on Earth” and “Venus.”The real treat here, however, are the new songs credited to the prolific writing team of Andy Lee, Pete Lee and Charlotte Day. They stand even taller than the already-excellent versions of the ‘anthems’ on this brilliant CD that we already love and enjoy. Each one is characterized by strong song structure and intricate synthesizer work, and we may anticipate dancing to the fiery “Burnin’ Up” with an exceptional Gina G lead vocal, or “Make My Day,” Gimme Your Luv” or “The Dream is Alive” among many others. An overall high beats per minute energetic masterpiece!"

John Hrabar,

"Ce Ce Peniston's 1991 smash hit "Finally" gets a classic, slamming reworking from the UK superstar production and remix team Love To Infinity. Available for many months only as an import, the US record label Water Music Dance has picked up this single for release in the American market. This song continues in the vein of Take My Breath Away, Heaven Is A Place On Earth, and Venus: 80's and 90's trance covers which Love To Infinity (aka Soda Club aka MASH) do so well. Charlotte Day (who sang lead vocals on five of the songs from their recent album "Anthem Alert") takes reign over the vocals on this one. She makes this song her own, hitting every note spot on."

​Finally, Single Review

"The remake of CeCe Peniston's "Finally" is one of the strongest covers here, very euro dance, but a refreshing thumpin' version after the overplayed original."

The Best Dance Album Ever, Amazon Review


"Soda Club are pure pop -- the dance music equivalent to the Britney Spearses and Ushers of their age, except even more saccharine. The group is comprised of four drop-dead gorgeous young women, and the songs on their debut album, Anthem Alert, are all solo showcases. Granted, this gives the album a sense of variety, but it also gives you four times the eye and ear candy to appreciate, an especially welcome asset once you get to the second (and more recommended) disc of this double-disc affair: an entire DVD of videos, with as many as six different ones for a single song (the big single, "Keep Love Together"). The other standout songs on Anthem Alert happen to be covers of '80s pop hits: "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" (originally performed by Belinda Carlisle) and "Take My Breath Away" (originally performed by Berlin) -- both of which also had been very popularly covered recently (the former by DJ Sammy in 2002, the latter by Jessica Simpson in 2004). Musically Soda Club fit neatly into the progressive trance niche. That in itself may be enough to send a good percentage of potential dance music consumers running for the exit circa 2004, given that style's passé and much-maligned reputation in most techno/house circles. But then again, anyone who enjoys sticky-sweet pop songs à la trance will find plenty to enjoy here. Because, face it, this isn't music for critics -- it's not cutting-edge, it's cheeky pop music, plain and simple, and should be taken at face value. So if the superficiality of Soda Club indeed doesn't bother you, bon appétit! And besides, like them or not, it's hard not to take note of these four young ladies, if not for their music then because of their gorgeous looks, their tranced-up covers, and their commercial wrappings."

Jason Birchmeier, AllMusic

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